Samarth is a two-year programme focusing on development in terms of education, vocational skills, and life skills of the adolescents of the oppressed community.

Problem Identified

Every teen wants to go to school, to play, and to learn but the financial crisis of the family curbs their dream. The parents in such situations have two options, either they will send the teen to earn their livelihood or the teen will take care of the house and the other members of the family will go out to look for employment. In both the cases the teen is deprived of their right to education.

Hence, SAMRATH was born. We will provide them an opportunity to break free from this vicious cycle. We will support the teens as well as their families. We will provide them with education and vocational skills. They will also be provided with a stipend for their investment in time and energies.


Mission SAMARTH will identify 10 boys and girls from the school and the community and will transform their personality in terms of academics and individuality. The ultimate output will be that the child will be equipped with vocational as well as life skills that will help them to meet challenges. The programme will identify such teens that want to study further but their families can’t afford to finance their studies. As a part of SAMARTH every student will voluntarily devote 3 hours per week towards societal development. In this way teens will also learn the concept of how to give back to the society.


Through SAMARTH we will be able to produce a responsible adult who in turn will contribute towards the development of the Malviya Nagar community. In future, these teens will act as agents of change in an oppressed society.

Objectives Action Plan Output
Improved Academic Performance We will provide private tuition to the teens and prepare them to appear for class 10th exams The syllabus will help in shaping an overall perspective of the teen. Hence it will boost self -esteem. Also, the academics will develop a solid foundation for empowerment.
Financial Independence We will empower teens by providing them with vocational training of computers, fashion designing, and cosmetology After the training, the teen will be self-reliant. They will contribute towards the family income.
Holistic Development of the Teen Under this mission we will regularly organize life skills workshops focusing on both social as well as personal aspects. Through life skills workshops the teens will be able to comprehend the meaning of social well-being. They will develop a better understanding towards health and sanitation, interpersonal communication, family dynamics, and law and order
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