Kaushal | Women Empowerment

When a woman grows the community grows” is an old proverb and holds true even today. The families of the community of Malviya Nagar, Indore are migrants from different villages. From the first day the family has to fight for survival. The family members are illiterate, marginalized, and financially unfortunate. The father in the family usually works as a laborer and on the other hand the mother takes the responsibility of the household chores.

To support the families financially, stay-at-home mothers want to use their time productively. These women are keen on acquiring skills, which can help them to earn their livelihood from working at home itself. Navyug Aarambh Education and Social Welfare Society promptly responded to this requirement by starting the project Kaushal. Under this project we provide the women of the community vocational training in the fields of stitching and weaving.


Success Stories

  • Kamlesh, like any other housewife had a challenge to run the household with limited source of income. But she was determined to go an extra mile so that she can earn some extra income through a respectable job. So, she enrolled herself for the stitching classes under Project Kaushal (run by Navyug Aarambh). After completing the course, she was relocated to Sagar. And now she not only does the job work but is also a trainer. Project Kaushal with Kamlesh is successful in creating the ripple effect in the community by empowering more and more women within the community.

    Kamlesh Parihar

  • Once upon a time Nirmala was a domestic helper but now she is the proud owner of Om Sai Ladies Beauty Parlour in Asha Nagar, Indore. While she is still training with us, she has simultaneously opened her own beauty parlour in the basement of her house. She is also able to contribute towards the family income and now she has a hope for a better future.

    Nirmala Vithal Patil

  • Rani was learning how to stitch with us and now she is the proud owner of her own boutique. Coming from a BPL household, Rani was determined to work so that her children can attend school regularly and have a better future. Project Kaushal (run by Navyug Aarambh) helped and provided her with a platform so that she can earn her livelihood by doing a reputable job in the community.

    Rani Aklodhiya

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