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Sustainability can only be achieved by education and empowerment; where human values, support and sound health go hand in hand. Our efforts are inspired by one mission, which is to help evolve the society into self reliance.

future foundation school

252 Students

15 Teachers

11 Classrooms

Kaushal Success Story

A Women Empowerment Programme

Neha has a certificate degree in tailoring and sewing. She used to work from home and take orders from her neighbors and relatives. While fulfilling these orders, she earned INR 500 per month. Residing in the Malviya Nagar community, she was drawn to Programme Kaushal. While completing her job work for Kaushal, her monthly earnings would add up to INR 3000. Kaushal has taught her to dream big and now sky is her limit. Now her only dream is to enroll her daughter in an English medium school.

Neha Chouhan

success stories

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  • The dedication and passion of the team running this Great Institution is praise worthy and we draw great inspiration from all of you. The service you are offering to the society is amazing. God Bless and Congratulations.

    Sanjay Mehta, CEO, Teleperformance

  • Future Foundation is a very good initiative to empower the children of neglected urbanization through education. The dedication of teachers, the facilities and the thought prevailing in this institution will ensure a well rounded growth in this part of the country. I am sure these students will grow up to be responsible citizens and contribute towards a better future for all. I wish the people behind this the very best and more ambitious growth.

    Anuj Kothari, YOUNG INDIANS CII

  • I am touched and this is an excellent initiative by the NGO. We wish you luck and wish you would maximize in many other places.

    Muzzafar M. Bhat, Bharti Airtel

  • It was a pleasure to discover the NGO, PDI in Indore. The modest and humble people associated with the organisation under Mr. & Mrs. Somani along with the members of the committee are truly committed to their goal. It was ennobling to see their honest and striving endeavor towards education of the children of surrounding areas and also economic sustainability. The children with immense potential showed a lot of keen interest and their response towards a short learning programme of English was truly encouraging. I sincerely wish the organisation all the very best and hope that the children get a platform, they deserve so that their dreams and wishes may come true.

    Namrata Ramkrishnan, The Shishukunj

  • Where the objective is to help and support, God himself helps those individuals who have taken the pledge to help and give back to the society. I pray to the Almighty to always help you in your noble cause.

    Madhav Paranjpe

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